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Athena Division to
Embrace Innovation and Frontier Technology

Why you’ll love working at
Athena                  ?

Man playing virtual reality with Microsoft HoloLens
Young Programmer
Virtual Reality Glasses

Embrace Innovation

Innovation is about making something change and creating a difference. What’s helpful to know is the innovation we create doesn't have to be impressive or dramatic. It’s all about incremental changes every day in our daily working routine and product performance. 

Frontier Technology

Frontier technology such as blockchain, big data, and AI… can create a large-scale solution for real-world problems that we face nowadays. Savvy products contribute to human life to enhance life quality and create sustainable development of the world.

Nurture Talents

Everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow in technology. With frontier technology and the value of embracing innovation, people are allowed to research and make experiments, then learn and adopt the leading edge of the industry.

Forging Ahead At The Digital                   


When it comes to automation world, it allows people to unlock more time to focus on creative pursuits, explore their curiosity and immerse them into new forms of work and play with various tools.


In today’s society, not surprising that human connection is more accessible with new experiences in virtual gathering activities. One of the cutting-edge is the Metaverse platform. It is becoming an integral part of the future of work, play, and communication.


It is generally consider that technology is one of the crucial factor contributing to assist people in their both working and daily activities. New tools are being created all the time to increase productivity and growth


We focus on developing & gathering the best engineering talents from diverse academic backgrounds and industry experiences to innovate & develop potential projects by using trending technologies.



Quantitative Researcher



Digital Marketing Specialist



Content Marketing Specialist
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