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  • What is the hiring process at Athena?
    Almost all positions will have 4 hiring rounds include: Screen resume -> Test /Phone Interview -> Hiring Manager Interview -> Committee Interview For some exceptional positions, the hiring rounds will be slightly changed by not having the test or phone interview round, but the Hiring Manager Interview & Committee interview rounds are the mandatory interview rounds at Athena Studio. Test round: you will join an assignment or the online test. The test will qualify the applicant’s background which includes technical skills & some other soft skills like: English ability, recognition, mathematic, logical,… Hiring Manager interview: You will meet Hiring Manager of the team and a senior/ expert in the field you are applying for. In this interview round, the focus will be on asking in-depth technical questions and determining the appropriate level of team culture with the candidate.
  • Show me the perk & benefits of Athena Studio
    Professional, creative working environment and talented teams, equal opportunities & agile culture Great facility to work. You will have a MacBook and extra high-definition screens Electrical standing desk for the most comfortable seat Annual leave 12 days / sick leave 2 days / remote work 12 days / anniversary leave 1 day The paternity Leave policy offers more than 10 days of Paid leave, not including days off. The remaining Annual leave will be transferred to the next working year Premium health insurance package for you and your relatives Annual health check-up at the premium clinic Interesting workout activities: gym/fitness, yoga, kickboxing, football after work Annual bonus and project bonus Reward program for engaging in activities and volunteering Annual company trip & quarter team bonding activities Happy hours and awesome parties Development opportunity: sponsorship for training courses With regular discussions, you will have a lot of opportunities to learn from experts in their fields International opportunity to expose and grow We often send our elites to international conferences like GDC, WWDC, Google I/O... to update the latest technology Additional allowance & gifts for birthdays, giving-birth, weddings, illness, Mid-Autumn Festival, Lunar New Year, 1/1, 1/5, 1/6… Pantry booster with food & beverages, game station & entertainment: PS4,...
  • How can I stay updated on the latest news and job openings at Athena?
    There are three easy ways to find out about and apply for our current openings: Browse our job postings: You can find them directly on our website or on third-party job boards like Vietnamworks, ITViec, TopCV, and Indeed. Submit your resume directly: If you've found a specific position you're interested in, you can send your resume to our email address at Connect with us on social media: We also share job openings and company updates on our social channels. Feel free to send a message inquiring about open positions.
  • Why do we need the Committee interview on the last round of the hiring process?
    This is the last and a very special round at Athena. In this round, candidates will meet 3-4 interviewers who are the members of team or experts from other teams. This round is mainly to shortly check culture fit, skills & background to adapt to the requirement. This is also an opportunity for you to meet Athenas, somewhat to understand the team & working culture before joining Athena.
  • I was not hired for a specific job. Will I be considered for other jobs at Athena Studio in the future?
    Yes of course. Athena always welcomes anyone to apply at Athena no matter you are not hired for a specific job before. Your application will be considered through your new experience compared with the previous application.
  • How can I find general information about Athena Studio?
    You can visit our website,, to learn more about our game products, company history, and achievements. For the latest news on our activities and job openings, follow us on our social media channels: LinkedIn Facebook Instagram TikTok
  • Besides hiring full-time permanent positions, does Athena recruit remote, contractor or freelancer positions?
    In addition to offering full-time permanent positions, Athena occasionally recruits for freelance and contractor roles. You can find these opportunities clearly marked as "contractor" in the job listings and descriptions on our website.
  • What are the technology & working methodology that Athena’s using?
    Cocos2dx, Unity, HTML5 at our client side. Google Cloud and AWS are backing our infrastructure with Big Data processing and Machine Learning jobs. Gitlab, Jira, Jenkins, Confluence... for process and workflow. Agile working methodology
  • What is the fresher/ graduate program at Athena Studio?
    We have a number of fresher programs for students of universities, colleges, and institutes and programs for all candidates who have no experience, are interested and want to be trained and gain work experience through the working environment.
  • I have no experience in the job, is it possible to apply at Athena?
    While you may not have prior experience in this specific role, some positions at Athena welcome fresh graduates or candidates with limited experience. Please check the job description of each opening to see if it mentions any required years of experience. Additionally, we run several fresher recruitment and training programs throughout the year. These programs are a great way to gain the skills and experience needed for a variety of roles at Athena.
  • I’ve submitted a Job Application. What is the next step?
    After submitting the application, your CV or resume will be automatically forwarded to Hiring Manager to screen, meanwhile, you will receive a confirmation email from us. The result for the screening round will be received via email or our recruitment team will contact you as soon to proceed next step.
  • Does Athena have engagement activities to build up teamwork?
    Athena has internal activities for both of Athenas through parties/happy hours which are held twice a week, mini-game, quarterly internal team bonding activities. In addition, Athena also has sports clubs such as football, badminton, yoga classes, gym, kickboxing outside of working hours to help employees stay healthy and engaged.
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